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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Ok, I have decided to not post historical stuff but to try and post with in a day or two of opening a position. (That way what I write will be current!)

So, yesterday I opened this:
Bought 200 shares of YRCW at 4.1799 plus a commission of 4.95 for a total of 840.93.
Sold to open 2 contracts of YUX JG (Oct 4 Call) at 0.75 minus commissions and fees of 6.26 for a total of 143.74.

BOT 200 YRCW for 840.93
STO 2 YUX JG for 143.74
Total = 697.19
Total cost per share = 3.486

At expiration on October 17, assuming YRCW is still above 4 it will close at 795.02 (calculating in a 4.95 commission and estimating a .03 SEC fee.)

Total Gain: 795.02 - 697.19 = 97.83
Percent Gain: 97.83 / 697.19 = 14.032% in 25 days.
Annualized Gain (assuming that this is really a 1 month trade) 14.032% * 12 = 168.4%

Once again I am giving up potential upside (YRCW is trading at 5.47 as I write this) for a high probability of gain! And if YRCW continues it's upward swing, I could very likely close early for a near max gain like I did with EK.

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  1. I got lucky on this one!
    Shortly after I was called away (which is always my goal!) YRCW tanked and is now running in the under a buck range.